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Get Well Soon Card with Flower Fused Glass Keepsake Suncatcher


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Handmade card featuring a keepsake fused glass bubbly flower suncatcher. To make the glass suncatcher, I started with cutting 2 squares from transparent art glass. I then used specialist glass paint to hand paint a little flower on one of the squares. I then capped it with the other square and fused it overnight in my kiln. When it’s fired, the paint turns into lots of tiny turquoise bubbles. When cooled, I added a turquoise ribbon and attached the suncatcher to a handstamped card, featuring the words “Get well soon.” The card is left blank inside for your own message. Card comes with envelope in a plastic wrapping. Each card is handmade, therefore no 2 are exactly the same. Card is approx 12cm square, glass suncatcher is 3cm square. Please note, if you wish to post this card, it is best to put it in a padded envelope to protect the glass. Item comes securely packaged and wrapped in a padded envelope (or box if ordering more than 1) and my signature turquoise tissue paper and sticker.


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