Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024/2025

Are you looking for truck driver jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship? Discover opportunities, requirements, and how to apply. Start your career journey now!

Canada presents enticing truck driving opportunities and VISA sponsorships for aspiring foreign candidates.

These openings beckon those who possess the qualifications outlined by the respective hiring enterprises.

Truck driver jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship.

Truck driving in Canada unveils a plethora of advantages, including flexibility and the designation as a form of unskilled labour.

Although not excessively burdened by elaborate processes or educational prerequisites, some certification remains essential to a certain degree.

Should you harbour aspirations of securing a truck driving position in Canada that concurrently facilitates VISA sponsorship, this discourse shall navigate you through the latest ongoing vacancies.

Before embarking on your application journey, we highly recommend thoroughly reviewing this article to help you get started.

High Demand for Truck Drivers in Canada.

A career dedicated to truck driving within Canada promises unwavering stability and longevity.

This noble occupation is a prominent location in the nation and is one of the most sought-after professions.

According to official communications from the Government of Canada, the truck driving sector needs more skilled labour. Since 2021, the industry’s insufficiency of truckers has persisted, hampering the swift hiring of professionals.

Trucking HR Canada forecasts an annual requirement exceeding 17,000 fresh truck drivers until 2025.

Prospective truck drivers can be reassured by the surging demand for their services across diverse provinces of Canada, thus ensuring robust job security.

Furthermore, these professionals are poised to earn lucrative remuneration, often complemented by enticing signing bonuses.

Prerequisites for Seeking a Truck Driving Career in Canada.

Applying for a truck driving job in Canada entails completing an accredited driver training course, spanning a maximum of three months, offered by vocational schools or community colleges.

Operating straight-body trucks requires a Class 3 or D license while manoeuvring long combination vehicles requires a Class 1 or A permit.

For foreign individuals aspiring to embark on a truck driving odyssey in Canada, acquiring a work permit is the initial stride, achievable only after securing a truck driving position under the aegis of a sponsoring enterprise.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is the route for truck drivers to obtain a Canadian work visa. This program allows non-Canadian citizens and non-permanent residents to fill positions where there is a labour shortage.

In-Demand Categories of Truck Driving Jobs in Canada.

If you choose to become a truck driver in Canada, there are various roles available, including but not limited to:

  • Long-distance truck driver
  • Bulk goods truck driver
  • Automobile carrier driver
  • Cement truck driver for construction projects
  • Mobile cement mixer driver
  • Escort-Transportation roles
  • Gasoline truck driver
  • Fuel oil truck driver
  • Gravel haulier
  • Log hauler

Key Competencies and Qualifications of Truck Drivers.

The pursuit of excellence within the domain of truck driving necessitates:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Strong organizational acumen
  • Demonstrable discipline
  • Impeccable trustworthiness
  • Proficiency in navigation
  • Expertise in proper driving techniques
  • Unwavering patience
  • Foundational mechanical aptitude
  • Adherence to a pristine driving record
  • Uncompromising commitment to safety

Available Positions for Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship.

Here is a list of available truck driver jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship, encouraging interested candidates to apply immediately:

Truck Driver Jobs at Russel Metals.

Russel Metals extends a competitive remuneration structure encompassing an attractive base salary, a lucid profit-sharing blueprint, comprehensive benefits packages, a group Pension Plan, and a spectrum of incentive and recognition programs.

Russel Metals demonstrates a solid dedication to Employment Equity principles by fostering a diverse and equitable workforce. All eligible candidates are welcome to apply and are encouraged to do so.

The available positions include:

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1. Truck Driver, A zealous contender, is seeking to occupy the Truck Driver/Warehouse Operative role at the Alberta Industrial Metals, Red Deer location.

Working in Russel Metals as a Truck Driver is a full-time position with permanent terms, and the Operations Manager is the direct supervisor.

The responsibilities encompass manoeuvring a Semi Tractor with a 53′ trailer and transporting oversized loads in conjunction with warehouse duties. Compensation stands at an hourly rate of $27.18.

Note: This role underscores the importance of safety, requiring the selected candidate to undergo a pre-employment medical and drug assessment encompassing cannabis.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Adherence to stringent safety protocols throughout the scope of responsibilities
  • Proficient operation of overhead cranes and forklifts
  • Precise selection and packaging of materials as per customer specifications
  • Loading and unloading trucks with meticulous care
  • Delivering exemplary customer service
  • Thorough inspections of vehicles and cargo to ensure quality and safety
  • Conformance to workplace policies and procedures, both operational and health and safety related
  • Regular preventive maintenance and upkeep of trucks and trailers
  • Sustained alignment with Ministry of Transportation requirements
  • Secure fastening and stability of materials for safe transportation
  • Adherence to local jurisdictional driving regulations
  • Accurate record-keeping in alignment with Ministry of Transportation and company policies

Essential Qualifications and Attributes:

  • Clean Class 1 with Air Endorsement
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Availability for shift work
  • Physical capacity for occasional heavy lifting
  • Proficiency in mathematics and measurements
  • Effective verbal and written communication
  • Self-motivation and results-driven orientation

2. AZ / DZ Truck Driver navigates a safety-conscious environment and seeks a motivated individual to embrace the AZ / DZ Truck Driver role within their Kingston, ON Branch.

Working as a Truck Driver in Russel Metals is a full-time position with permanent tenure that reports directly to the Operations Manager.

Note: Like in the previous role, safety is paramount here. Successful applicants must complete a pre-employment medical and drug assessment, including cannabis.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conformance to Ministry of Transportation stipulations
  • Rigorous inspections of vehicles and cargo
  • Secure fastening of materials to ensure safe transit
  • Diligent operation of the car under local jurisdictional mandates
  • Accurate maintenance of records and logs as dictated by the Ministry of Transportation and company policies
  • Professional and respectful handling of company-issued electronic and communication equipment
  • Impeccable presentation and interactions with customers
  • Timely completion of work assignments aligned with customer requisites and deadlines
  • Effective liaison with Transportation/Shipping division to communicate delays or queries concerning deliveries
  • Safe execution of all tasks under managerial guidance
  • Professional demeanour and respectful conduct in all interactions
  • Willing participation in company-directed training initiatives

Essential Qualifications and Attributes:

  • Pristine driving record as evidenced by a Drivers Abstract
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • A span of three years showcasing a safe driving record
  • Proficiency in comprehending, reading, and writing English
  • Advantageous to have previous exposure to box trailers or slider kits

Salary Structure:

  • Initial Hourly Rate: $20.00/hr
  • Upon completing a three-month probationary period, an increment of $2.50 per hour shall apply.
  • Once nine months of service ends, an increase of $0.30 per hour will increase.
  • After one year, the assigned classification will reach the Full Rate of $23.50 per hour.

Application Procedure:

To begin the process of applying:

  1. Kindly refer to the provided link below.
  2. Upon accessing the official website, employ the search box to query “Truck driver jobs.”
  3. Upon displaying available positions, peruse and complete the application form corresponding to roles aligning with your competencies and inclinations.

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